We build the best portable vein finder light, viewer, mapper Device
The camera of vein finder, the closeup view

Hospital Grade Advanced Vein Finding Device
Perfectly Designed And Manufactured

The Best Vein Visualization Quality, Even The Hard To Find Veins

The Vein-Eye Carry Total System

All the components for the entire vein viewing device are here
The vein viewer rotates freely with the ball head adapter

Elegant, Stylish and Professional Looking

The camera for vein viewing device with Near Infrared lights
The adapter help vein viewer device rotates freely

Advanced Vein Finder App. for Vein Image Enhancement
Solving The Vein Illumination Issues For Most Difficult Venous Access

The Tablet Provides Sufficient Power
For Vein Image Enhancement Program

Laveraging the computing power of the tablet for improving the vein quality for the vein viewing device

Vein Finder App Runs
On Powerful Processor
Perfecting The Vein Image Quality

Vein Finder App. runs on high power processor for getting the best vein viewing image for venipuncture procedure

Vein Findier App Menu 1

This shows the work space of the vein finder app

Vein Findier App Menu 2

use vein finder app. to fine tune vein image

The Highest Battery Life And Quickest Battery Charging

Long Battery Life
UL Approved

The 6,700 mAh battery capacity let the vein viewing system last longer

Quick Charging (PD 3.0)
UL Approved

Vein viewing device use charger approved by UL laboratory

The Most Flexible and Function Rich Camera Stand
Makes Hands Free Operation Extremely Easy

Most Easy To Use Camera Stand

The Camera Stand of the vein detecting device is very flexible and easy to use

Rich Function Super Clamp

a very flexible and powerful clamp for vein viewing and mapping device

Flexible Yet Firm Gooseneck Tube

The Gooseneck Tube of the vein locator is easy to bend but still very firm

Mounting On Flat Surface
On Desktop / Hospital Tray

the vein illumination device can be locked on flat surface

Mounting To Round Surface
Hospital Bed or Ambulance Stretcher

The vein viewer can be locked on the round tubes
The vein finder device can be attached on the Hospital Bed and Ambulance stretcher

Change Camera viewing Direction
By changing the stud of the gooseneck tube

the direction of the vein viewer can be easily adjusted

User Friendly Carrying Case, Nurses love this bag!

Three Zippered Pockets
For Users to Use

quick release with super Clamp for vein  mapping device

12 small pockets for User
For Blood Sample, Tubes, etc.

The very solid hard case for the vein viewing device has 12 pockets.

Quick Setting Up to Work And Easy Packing For Moving

Quick Setting Up to Work
Quick Packing for Moving

The wholly assembled Vein-Eye Carry vein finder can be stored in the carrying case without disassembling any components.

Packed in a Lightweight Carrying Case
For Easy Moving Around

The very solid and lightweight case to protect the vein viewing device for easy moving.

Truly Portable
Easy to Carry Around

This vein viewer is portable

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ISO9001 quality standard for Vein Finder and viewing devices ISO13485 quality standard for Vein illumination equipment FDA for vein finder viewing 
and locator devices IEC 60601-1 medical quality standard for Vein visualization devices CE Mark for vein mapping devices

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The Vein Finding / Vein Viewing Device For All Patients

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