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Superb Vein Image, Light Weight, Portable, Ease of Use, Affordable Price

Infrared Vein illumination device for routine Venipuncture and blood drawing

Certified for Medical IEC 60601-1, ISO 13485/9001, CE Marking & FDA Registration

Vein-Eye Carry System (VEC03)
A Revolutionary Vein Finder

close-up view of VEC03 of vein detecting devices
close-up view of VEC03 of vein detecting devices

Vein Finder App.
Enhance Vein Image by Individual

VEC Vein-Eye™ Vein Finder App. for venipuncture

Worldwide Acceptance
Vein-Eye™ in 40+ Countries

Vein-Eye™ Carry vein viewer has been shipped to over 40 countries

The Most Effective Vein Finder
Even For The Most Difficult Venous Access

The Vein-Eye Carry (VEC03) is the most advanced hospital grade vein finder device, the only vein finder that can truly show the hard-to-find veins. It can show superior vein images, improve the success rate and efficiency of nurses' first venipuncture attempt, it also improves the comfort and satisfaction level of patients.

[Designed/Assembled in the USA]- This superior hospital grade vein finder device is designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA by Near Infrared Imaging, Inc., an US Medical Devices Manufacturer located in Massachusetts USA.

[Vein illumination Breakthrough] - The Vein-Eye™ Carry uses advanced hardware technology and software vein finder app. to display a vein images at FHD high quality definition not ever seen before in the industry. A vein finder app. can fine tune the vein image base on individual basis. It provides real-time video of sub-dermal veins and displays a vivid vein map with a feel of depth, it helps nurse to find vein’s location more easily and significantly increases the success rate of venipuncture at the first attempt.

[Vein Finder App. Makes the Difference] - Every patient's veins are different, the Vein-Eye Carry has a built in Vein Finder App., it is a program on the tablet to fine tune vein visualization based on each individual's vein status for best result, that is why it can provide far better vein illumination result than other vein finder devices.

[Works for Every Patient] – It works well for the patients with difficult venous access, such as the newborn, the obese, the dark skin, the hairy skin, the elderly, critically ill, and especially diabetics and patients suffering from COVID-19. This solves the pressure of the missing vein for the nurses and also improves the comfort for the patients.

[Superior Vein Image Quality] - The Vein-Eye™ Carry is the only vein illumination device that offers Full High-Definition Resolution (1920X1080) video images of subcutaneous veins. The image shows the exact location, size and the depth of the vein making the venipuncture or phlebotomy procedure easy and safe. It significantly improve the success rate for the first IV placement. Therefore it is superier than most of the vein finder devices in the market.

[Works in All Environment] - The Vein-Eye™ Carry can be clamped on almost all kind of objects, either on the round or the flat surface objects, such as a desktop, a hospital bed, an IV cart, a chemotherapy chair or a home bed, etc. It is also good to work in an ambulance or a medical evacuation vehicle. With the ratchet Handle of VEC03, it can be quickly and easily clamping the camera on the support objects firmly without slipping off.

[Hands Free Operation]- The Vein-Eye™ Carry camera can be clamped on most of the supporting objects, so this allows nurses to do IV placement hands-free in all situations. It makes the venipuncture job easy and productive.

[User Friendly Carrying Case] - The compact size of lightweight carrying case is perfect to carry Vein-Eye Carry System, it also has extra space available for users. Users can store their phlebotomy supplies in the three zippered pockets and place the blood samples and tubes in the twelve small pockets. This helps the nurse very conveniently and productively visits multiple service locations with only a single carrying case.

[Set Up or Pack Up in 2 Minutes] - The fully assembled Vein-Eye™ Carry can be packed in the carry case without disassembly of any parts. This allows the setting up to work or packing up for moving only in 2 minutes, it significantly improves the productivity of the nurse who need to do the venipuncture task in multiple locations.

[Truly Portable] - The Vein-Eye™ Carry is lightweight, easy setting up and packing up, so it can be quickly and conveniently carried from room to room in a hospital, to the home, and to remote towns and villages. It is an ideal tool for nurses who need to do venipuncture in different places.

[Stylish and Scratch-Proof] - The device is perfectly engineered and manufactured. The camera enclosure uses 6061-T6 aluminum with anordized surface treatment, it features higher strength and toughness. The camera stand is made of metal, it is solid and stylish.

[Affordable Price] - Most importantly, the price of Vein-Eye™ Carry is very affordable, it is only around 50% off or less than the price of some leading products in the industry. This really makes it possible for many hospitals to equip it as standard of care to enhance their staff’s productivity and patients' satisfaction level.

Meeting Customers' Needs and Wants
For Vein Finding and Visualization

【CUSTOMER NEEDS】 - The biggest customer complaints to the vein finder device industry are: (1) The vein finder prices are way too high, it is not affordable making it as the standard of care. (2) The vein image quality is not good enough for the patients with difficult venous access. (3) The device is not easy to use in all different working environments.

【OUR SOLUTIONS】 - (1) We provide the best product with an affordable price, our price is only around 50% of or less than the leading products in the industry. (2) We offer Full HD resolution (1920x1080) vein viewing video quality, the best in the industry. Our Vein-Eye™ Carry solves all kinds of issues with hard to see veins. (3) Our Vein-Eye™ Carry can be used hands free in all working environments, such as attaching to the desk, hospital bed, IV stand, medical tray cart, wall mount and use in an ambulance car, etc. The nurse can quickly set up the Vein-Eye™ Carry in only a few minutes and also quickly carry it to the next service locations if required.

Vein-Eye™ Carry Redefines the Image Quality Standard for Vein Finder
Especially For The People With Hard-To-Find Veins

Vein Viewing Image with
feel of Definition and Depth

The high definition image of the vein finder device makes venipuncture access very easy and productive for nurses

Vein Viewing Through Hair
For a Hairy Arm

The light weight VEC03 vein finding device can let vein viewing through Hair

The Vein Illumination Image
of a 3-Year-Old Child

The medical Vein viewer Devices help vein access and venipuncture for a child easy for nurses

The Most Advanced Hospital Grade Vein Finder and Viewing Device

Best in price performance, superb vein visualization quality, richest functions, stylish
Easy to use, truly portable, one device for all working environments

Best Quality Vein Finder
Use Top Quality Materials

The portable vein viewing device uses the high quality material for achieving the best functions, it increases the success rate of vein access and venipuncture procedure

Full HD Resolution Video
Shows Clear Vein Map

The portable vein finding device wit
high resolution display tablet makes the illumination device very effective and easy for nurses.

Vein Finder App Helps
Most Difficulty Vein Visible

The medical Vein Finder App needs the high power processor to get the best vein image for vein access and venipuncture procedure

The Vein Finder with Long Usage Hours and Quick Charging

Long Usage Hours
UL Approved Battery

The 6,700 mAh high battery capacity can let this portable vein finder device last longer

Quick Battery Charger
PD-3.0 and UL Approved

This portable medical Vein viewer Devices use quick charger approved by UL

No Battery Run Out Problem

This portable and light vein finding system can be charged while nurse is using it for vein access

Stylish and Scratch-Proof
Solid Aluminum Case

This light weight and portable camera use Al6061 the high quality material for vein access equipment, such as vein visualization Devices, vein viewing devices

Easily Set The Camera to
Desired Vein Viewing Position

The Flexible gooseneck tube stand can arrange the position of the vein locator in the desired position easily for nurse
This optional extension cable allows vein finder device to reach to further locations.

Easily Setup In All Locations
Desktop, Hospital Bed,
Ambulance car...

The camera stand is so flexible can be attached to many objects in different environments

Wall Mount Option
Save Space for Hospital

This adapter can attach the vein locator on the wall and save space for hospital.

Hands Free Operation
For Vein Finding/Viewing

The camera stand of the portable vein finding Device allows the nurse to do the venipuncture hands free and very easy.

The Best Portable Vein Finder - Light Weight and Easy to Carry

Quick Setting Up to Work
Quick Packing up for Moving

Fully assembled medical Vein visualization Device is light weight and portable

Wholly Assembled System
In the Carrying Case

The case for vein locator is designed for quick Setting up for vein access and easy packing up for moving to next service locations

Lightweight and Durable Case
With Extra Space for Users

The Hard Case is very solid can well protect the vein detector device and for nurse easily carrying it to locations.

The Best Value Vein Finder and Viewing Device

We Commit to the
Medical Grade Quality

This portable vein visualization Device is made in Medical Grade Quality

Best Price Performance
Vein Finder / Vein Viewing Device

The highest quality and affordable vein finding device in the market

Join the
New Technology Wave
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Watch the new Vein-Eye™ Carry in use

The next video shows how to use the Vein-Eye™ Carry for vein access

FAQ and Related Information

What is the vein finder device?
A vein finder or viewer is a device designed to help nurses or phlebotomist in finding the best location of veins for venipuncture.

Why we need vein finder device?

How does the vein finder device or vein viewer work?

The device uses the infrared light to project onto a patient’s skin, the light is then absorbed differently by blood than by surrounding tissues, so that the veins can be clearly displayed on the screen, so that the practitioners can see veins more easily. With the assistance of the vein finder device, it helps medical professionals place IV and draw blood very easily and productivity.

The failure rate for the first attempt for the venipuncture is around 20%, why hospitals do not buy vein finder device as the standard of care?


The Important Preparation for Successful Venipuncture:


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ISO9001 quality standard for Vein Finder and viewing devices ISO13485 quality standard for Vein illumination equipment FDA registration for vein finding and viewing devices IEC 60601-1 medical quality standard for Vein visualization devices CE Mark for vein mapping devices

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